Product Handling Tips

Any food product needs to have certain guidelines that help in keeping its freshness intact. Same goes for our products and to help you do just that here are a few tips and tricks that might help. Ready to Eat frozen food product Make sure that when you buy our products that they are in good frozen condition soon as you get the product home, remember to put it into the freezer compartment as soon as possible

  • Transfer to the freezer compartment at the earliest.
  • Use straight from freezer - thawing not required.
  • Buy product in good frozen condition.
  • Return unused product back to the freezer at the earliest.
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Frozen Samosa

We have a long experience in the Food and allied industry and understand the need to maintain a high standard of quality to attract a global audience while keeping the existing visitors happy. We have employed a team of Health and hygiene experts for suggesting and helping us implement the best tools and methods for the best possible quality; be it in the Kitchen, at the Delivery, the packaging standards or the branding. At Frozen Samosas, be it serving on the counter or a takeaway platter, you will always feel an extra effort going in – both from our hands and from our heart.

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Cheese Chili Samosa

Cheese Paneer Samosa

Cheese Corn Samosa

Potato Samosa

Magdal Samosa

Chinese Samosa


About Batetos


The food culture of our city is robust and unique. While everyone remembers our specialties — The Spiral Potato in Rajkot,is a hit featuring many different Flavors for this Fast Food, there is something here for the foodie in all of us!

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